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Mission & By-laws


The Virginia Tech Academic Advising Network is a forum for sharing ideas and exchanging information related to academic advising and student success strategies at the Virginia Polytechnic and State University (Virginia Tech). A primary goal is to provide members with opportunities for professional development and peer support, ultimately building a strong community and network of resources to enhance student success through campus partnerships across and throughout the university community.


  1. To promote a greater understanding of the role of advising in student learning.
  2. To strengthen University-wide recognition of the significance of academic advising in the recruitment, retention, and academic achievement of Virginia Tech students.
  3. To develop and promote multicultural awareness and competencies for advisors and other student support professionals.
  4. To provide a network of advisors and other student support professionals that fosters a collaborative environment to ensure student achievement.
  5. increase advising effectiveness by strengthening communication on academic advising issues within the academic community and among advisors.
  6. To develop relationships with external academic professionals.
  7. To advocate for high quality academic advising services for students.
  8. To aid in the implementation of an advising assessment process to ensure continuous improvement.
  9. To act as a forum for discussion, debate, and the exchange of ideas regarding academic advising with other areas and activities of higher education. 
  10. To represent and advocate for academic advising and the academic advisors of Virginia Tech.

Bylaws pending